Every year, millions of students pass out and looking for job opportunities in their field. The applicants may directly go for walk-ins, use social media, or online search. Digital platforms are now the talk of the town if you are looking for a job.

Online job portals like Indeed are one of the successful tools that ease recruitment. Not only do the apps support the employees also offer much relaxation to the employers. As per research, more than 65% of job- seekers search for jobs online across these portals.

With the rising popularity of job portal applications, there is a complete transformation of exploring the right job. Job-seekers can now create their resumes, connect with employers and look for the desired jobs without any hassle. The potential of these applications is huge, and entrepreneurs are now highly interested to build such apps. 

If you are also looking to develop such apps, in this article, we have curated everything you would require about the job search mobile apps, their cost, features, benefits, and more.

How popular are these Job Portal Apps?

The platforms like Naukri.com, Indeed, Monster gained popularity throughout the years. The Internet and Applications have become the most prominent part of everyone’s life that offers convenience and ease.

  • Indeed, it became the most popular recruiting platform. It connects over 250 million users every month.
  • The Indeed app download is 46 million times globally. Which includes 20 million downloads in the US only.
  • More than 50% of the traffic on these platforms comes from mobile devices.
  • More than 60% of candidates view company pages on mobile phones and apply using their phones.
  • When it comes to revenue, Indeed and its parent company Recruit Holdings, are rapidly growing.


Business Model for a Job Portal App Development

1. Business to Business (B2B)

It is quite a popular business model that delivers business-to-business solutions only. Whether you are a small or large enterprise, you can recruit the right talent for your organization. It allows you to post for several requirements, access to resume database, email marketing, and more.

2. Business to Consumer (B2C)

With the B2C model, you can offer a basic or premium level of services for all the applicants. Whether you want to set up your profile, create a resume, look for part/full-time jobs, the apps have amazing offers for job-seekers. If you opt for a premium membership, you will get notifications about all the vacancies in the very first place.

Some Popular Job Search Apps


Monetization Strategies of Job Portal Mobile Apps

You may be curious to know that how do these applications make money. We have sorted here all the revenue models you must consider:

1. Featured Listing

Featured listing is one of the widely used monetization strategies by employers that allow hiring the right candidates. The app owner charges a fixed amount to the employer to list their requirement on the homepage. 

As the candidates check out the requirement, they will reach out to you.

2. Premium Membership

The premium or paid subscription is another strategy that allows the apps to earn good revenue. They can enjoy additional benefits. Therefore, they can buy monthly or annual packages with different features.

3. Third-Party Postings

Just like you do, you can also offer third parties to post jobs on your platform and charge them based on the plan they purchase.

4. Selling Database

When you have a platform, there will be job-seekers and recruiters. You have all the information about the company, the names of candidates, vacancies and much more. You can sell this data to the potential recruiters and make some money as well.

Benefits of Developing a Job Portal App

1. Connects you to the desired job

With an offline hunt, it took days for the potential candidate to find a suitable job. It may be due to a lack of information. Therefore, the job portal applications came in demand. These applications with a single click all the details and increase the reach of the service.

2. Transparency in jobs and PayScale

The job portal apps can classify the jobs as per the location, skills, pay scale. It streamlines the process for both the employees and the employers. An employee now has all the details and knows whether to apply or not. An employer as well, based on the candidate details, select them and fulfills demands.

3. Save a lot of time and energy for recruiters

Recruiters do not have to look on different platforms and exhaust their energy looking for a potential candidate. The portal is enough that would drive enough talent for the position posted.

Must-Have Features for Job Search Mobile App Development

No job-seeker is willing to file long and complicated forms. Thus, it becomes essential for businesses to integrate the most crucial features. Here are some options that you can consider in achieving ease-of-use and structured data collection:

User Panel

1. Creating a Resume

The candidate should easily be able to incorporate their resumes or directly upload them. They can also build an attractive CV on the platform itself.

2. Intuitive Job Search

The candidates who upload the CVs should be able to search for the job as per their requirements. The search features should be simple and advanced. It should offer advanced filters for the users. 

3. Job Alerts

No matter which category does your user belongs to. They must take care to incorporate the Job Alerts feature along with the application.

4. Bookmark Job

At times, if you are looking for a job, you may find options for your friend. You might want to consider that option later. Therefore, a bookmark feature is a must.

Recruiter Panel

1. Manage Job Posting

An easy-to-use dashboard allows the recruiters to manage and post open vacancies with a detailed description of experience required, salary bar, expertise desired, etc. 

2. Job Editing

You may need to edit some things. Therefore, adding a job editing feature will provide this privilege.

3. Job Invites

Once you shortlist candidates, it’s now time to invite them or check their availability.

4. Email Jobs

Dropping an email to the candidate seems to be a better option rather than others. Therefore, notifying them via emails is a must.

5. Resume Download

It helps to enrich the database of the recruiters.

Admin Panel

1. Manage Job Ads

A user-friendly interface that allows easy job management and post ads on time.

2. Employer-Profile Management

There are chances of fake job postings. Therefore, to ensure that the details are handy, this is a must feature.

3. Candidate Profile

Ensure that you provide the user with a well-structured interface, making required information accessible at any time.

4. Interview Scheduling

Make sure your users can schedule interviews easily without the need for manual setup.

Advanced Features that offer you cutting edge

1. In-App Payment

Going for in-app purchases is good, but the benefits multiply when you combine the feature with payment gateways. Therefore, offering a secured payment gateway removes all your worries.

2. Cloud Integration

Integrating the cloud offers a lot of benefits. One of them is it allows managing the data in the most secure way.

3. Applicant Tracking

Application tracking streamlines the process of hiring while enabling real-time feedback in profiles.

4. Chat/Call Support

Inbuilt chat and call options are a must to facilitate seamless interaction between the job-seekers & the recruiters.

How much does it cost to develop these Apps?

Developing an app like Indeed is not easy. What you need is a full-fledged team of developers who can understand your requirements. Defining the cost of developing a mobile app is a tedious process because it entirely depends on the complexity of your app.

Well, other important factors can influence the cost of app development:

  • A platform for App Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Features Integrated
  • The complexity of the project
  • Hourly Rates/Geographical Location


Now you must be aware of all the steps and features to follow that would help to develop a perfect job portal app platform. Choosing the right set of features and a development team can make a lot of difference to your project.

So it becomes vital to get in touch with the best and reputed mobile app development agency that would help you bring success. Well, you can connect with us! Our clients recognize us for our best-in-class services, our skills, and a lot more. Check out our portfolio and know it yourself.