We are living in a digital era where everything is revolving around. With digital advancements, people can fulfill their demands on the go. Everyone nowadays has busy schedules and has no time to spend on home errands. The week-offs are the only time they get for themselves to relax. During this period, managing the household chores and taking time for yourself becomes a difficult task. Therefore, the on-demand home service apps have proved to be a boon for this kind of lifestyle and helping people live comfortably.

As per a Statista report, the worldwide on-demand home service is having grown around 49% from 2017 to 2021. From getting the electrician online to plumber and beauty treatment at home, all the services are available just a tap away. A few of the examples of these popular applications include Urban clap and TaskRabbit. 

Therefore, more entrepreneurs are taking a step forward and investing in on-demand home service app development that sets them apart. If you are looking forward to investing in on-demand home service app development, this is the post for you. The guide covers all the key points and proves why it is essential to invest in-home service app. Let us discuss it all in detail. 

Types of On-Demand Home Service App Solutions

1. On-demand Home Cleaning Services 

2. On-demand Laundry Services

3. On-demand Carpenter Services

4. On-demand Plumber Services

5. On-demand Electrical Appliance Repair Service 

6. On-demand Home Shifting Service

7. On-demand Gardening Service 

8. On-demand Pest Control Service

9. On-demand Pet Care Service 

10. Other On-Demand Household Services

Why are On-demand Home Service Apps becoming popular?

As already discussed above, the busy scenario of people makes it difficult to manage an array of tasks. With the on-demand apps, people can manage their household chores easily, such as cleaning, laundry, moving and more. It has been offering a constant source of income for the companies and helping people to enjoy their weekends without any hassle. 

Market Trends for On-Demand Home Services

  • The global on-demand home service market is expected to reach USD 1,574.86 billion during 2020-2024. More startups and businesses are planning to enter the market.
  • As per a recent New York Times survey, the industry has generated a revenue of $600 billion in the United States only. 
  • The market grows at a CAGR of 53% and, this increase in the on-demand market is expected to be USD 1574.86 Billion.
  • The commercial dry cleaning and washing sector will rise to 3.4% whereas the flooring segment will have a 5% rise in the market and, the plumbing will grow by 12%.

Why should you invest in these services?

There is high competition in the market, entrepreneurs get a thought why it is crucial to invest in the on-demand home service apps. Here are a few reasons that depict investing in such an app is a great idea for businesses:

1. The app offers easy access and is available easily. These are the two main factors of the on-demand home service apps. People are simply downloading the application and fulfilling their needs via these apps.

2. As there is a boost in the usage of mobile phones, applications, and the Internet, this trend enhances the demand of availability of online on-demand home service apps.

3. Nowadays, people do not have time to perform day-to-day chores due to busy lifestyles, it becomes essential to develop these apps. They want someone who can work for them at their doorstep. 

These are a few reasons that increase the demand for on-demand home service apps. As the services are available with ease, anyone can easily book the services as per the requirements.

Strategies for the Growth of On-Demand Home Services

If you are planning to launch your application in the coming future, here are a few strategies you must keep in mind for the growth of your business:

1. Work as per the customers’ need

Understanding the need of customers helps you to achieve success in the long run. As people nowadays are busy and therefore fulfilling their demands on time becomes the key. The app should be simple to use for the customers. And you should make things easier for them.

2. Market Research and Analysis

You should have an understanding of your competitors and what difference you can bring to your platform. It will help you to stay updated with the latest trends and, your business will boost. Moreover, you can reach your customers in a faster way.

3. On-Time Delivery

Meeting the customer expectations helps in the on-time delivery of your services. It will satisfy your customers and makes them happy. Also, when the services get delivered on time, you can promote your brand via social media. 

4. Stay Connected

Staying connected with the customers is crucial and social media and push notifications helps you with it. It will enhance the brand reputation and ensure the long-term success of your business.

Imperative features for your On-demand Home Service Apps 

There are two panels incorporated in the on-demand home services applications and, it is:

User Panel

1. Easy Registration or login

The user can register on the app using their email ID, contact number, and password. They should also be able to sign in via social media networks such as Facebook. The process should be simple, and the user can quickly register without any hassle. 

2. Advanced search

It offers multiple home services. With the advanced search feature and filtering option, the users can directly check for the service list and avail of the service.

3. Manage and order schedule

With this functionality, users can quickly schedule the timing for the order.

4. Service tracking

With this, the users can easily track their service via GPS. Therefore, it is one of the essential features in the app as it helps the users to monitor the live location and their arrival time. 

 5. Rate and review

It is one of the essential features as the genuine reviews of the customers can be checked by other customers, and they can decide whether they should purchase the service.

Admin Panel

1. Intuitive Dashboard

With this feature, the admin can have direct access and can track, monitor the orders placed, the payment received, transactions are done, orders canceled, and much more. 

2. Service List Creation and Management

It allows the admin to create a required list of services and manage them by adding and removing offered services anytime they want.

3. Verify Service Providers

With this feature, the admin can verify the service providers and handle their details easily.

4. Price Adding 

This feature allows the admin to add a price to every service they have added based on the hours or days. They can even offer discounts as per their will. 

5. Request Acceptance/Rejection

This feature enables the admin to accept or reject the order as per the orders placed. 

6. Service Promotions

It allows offering deals, discounts, or service promotions to customers.

7. Managing Reviews

Admin can easily manage the reviews and feedbacks with this feature. If there are any complaints, they can tell the service provider and, it helps them improve. 

8. Track Reports and Insights

It allows the admin to track the reports and insights by simply downloading the reports as per the requirements.

Other Essential Features 

1. Integrating Payment Gateway

You must offer users an in-built payment system such as digital wallet payment, cards. PayPal offers more convenience to them and security as well. 

2. Push Notifications

It keeps the users updated with reminders about offers, new services, deals, and discounts, and much more. 

3. In-Built Chat 

The integration of the chatbot allows immediate communication between the users and the admin.

Cost of Developing a Home Service Application 

It is the question that hits the entrepreneurs in the first place. Well, many crucial factors decide the cost of an on-demand home service app. The factors include:

  • Location 
  • UI/UX 
  • Features Integrated
  • The complexity of the App 
  • The platform for App Development

Final Thoughts

On-demand home service apps are becoming quite popular and, if you plan to get an on-demand app developed, it is the precise time. You must know what your users are looking for. Therefore, it becomes vital to seek help and guidance from experts. 

At OZVID, we have been offering on-demand app solutions that help in the transformation of people’s life. Let us discuss your project and create an on-demand home service app for your business.