Although the pandemic has come to an end, the shoppers have now developed the habit of getting the products and services delivered to users doors. Also, there is still a fear among the people going to crowded places and leaving their homes. The congested areas remain the potential hotspots for the infection.

The users of on-demand grocery app increase at a vast rate. In the US, around 25% of people order groceries online. The future of on-demand grocery apps is on the rise and is another most revenue-generating business.

As there is a shift in the paradigm of the shopping trend, developing a grocery delivery mobile app paves opportunities for businesses and startups to invest in the apps. Are you an entrepreneur and planning to invest in a grocery delivery mobile app? The article covers all the crucial aspects of creating a perfect grocery delivery mobile app.

Why invest in Grocery Delivery Mobile Apps?

The pandemic caused fear among the users to visit the grocery stores, and therefore the app download increased tremendously.

  • As per the PwC report, the on-demand grocery app market will rise to $335 billion by 2025.
  • As Statista reports, online food delivery and alcohol sales will grow by $ 35 billion within four years and reach $55 billion by 2021.
  • As per CNBC, by 2025, online grocery sales will rise by 20% of the market.
  • The above stats depicts, it is the best time to consider and develop an on-demand grocery delivery mobile app.
  • The graph shows the online grocery delivery sales in the US from 2012 to 2021.


What are the benefits of developing a Grocery App?

1. Offers easy availability to customers

The on-demand delivery app offers ease to the users and allows them to get the products delivered at their doorsteps. It reduces their efforts while ensuring they do not have to move out of their house.

2. Saves customers time

Time is one of the most crucial factors for people to download the application. Within a few clicks on their mobile phones, they can get the goods delivered. There is no effect on household chores, and there is no need to stand in long queues for the billing. 

3. Upscale your business

Developing an application boosts your online as well as your brick-and-mortar store presence. Hiring a robust team of mobile app developers helps you expand your customer base.

4. Offers Alternative products instantly

If one product is not available on the application, the customers can instantly look for the alternative and buy the product. 

5. Appealing Discounts and Offers

As the competition increases, the app offers discounts so that there is higher customer retention. It opens more opportunities for the app to grow and boost its sales.


Business models for a Grocery Delivery Mobile App


1. Aggregator Model

It is a business model that allows you to collaborate with the local grocery stores. The app lists the other stores or the chains and can tie-up with them. The users can check the entire list of the grocery stores where they can buy the products. In brief, the app acts as a mediator between the customer and the store owner. It is the store owner's responsibility to get the goods delivered. 

2. Multi-store Chains

A platform like Walmart depicts the best example of the business model. They offer a separate app for the customers and handle delivery themselves.

3. Marketplace Apps

Bigbasket is one of the examples that explain this business model better. These apps have their menu and delivery agents who deliver the products at the customer's doorsteps.

4. Single Stores

These are the applications handled by a single store owner. Say you have a brick mortar store, and you can develop an application. The store owner handles the order and its delivery.

How does On-demand Grocery Delivery Apps Make Money?

1. Paid Membership

Business can partner their app with different retailers and apply a commission-based revenue model. The commission varies based on the features. 

2. Delivery and Service Fees

The apps can put a delivery fee for every order based on the delivery distance, emergencies. Some applications even offer weekly or monthly delivery plans with fixed charges. One of the examples of such an app is Instacart.

3. In-app Advertising

The apps can enlist other brands' products or services on their platform. It is quite a popular business model and improves the user experience. For every click or purchase, the app owner can earn a commission. 

How does the App Help to fight the crisis?

  • As the payment and delivery are contactless, it prevents the transmission of the virus, and users enjoy a safe shopping experience. 
  • The people get to ensure that there is enough stock, and the stores ensure to cover their all demands.
  • People get the ease of ordering and getting the products delivered at their door.
  • There is a boost in work productivity that ensures people can spend time restoring life energy. 
  • It helps the grocery stores to realize their inventory and keeps it updated.
  • Rise in the job economy.


Key Features Of Grocery App Development

Listed below are some points that show the crucial features of the Grocery Delivery App Development.

Grocery App - User Panel


1. Profile

It is the first step after the user installs the app. They can register via their e-mail id or contact number. Also, users can use their social media credentials too for a quick sign-in. 

2. Filters for Browsing 

The user can use the advanced filters and search for the categories or the products they are looking for. It saves their time as the user does not have to go through the entire product list.

3. Schedule Delivery

The user can schedule the delivery as per their convenience to receive the orders in their presence.

4. Order Tracking

The customer stays updated with the real-time order tracking feature and knows about its status

5. Order Management

The shoppers can manage their orders instantly. They can view their order history and can place the same orders when required.

6. Multiple Payment Options

IN-built payment option allows the users to make the payment securely and conveniently.

7. Offer and Discounts

The section displays all the discounts and offers on the products and allows them to enjoy great deals on their favorite products.

8. Feedback

The customers can provide relevant feedback and ratings as per their shopping experience.

Grocery App - Delivery Panel


1. Delivery Request Notification

All requests for deliveries that are to be made along with the order number and other delivery details are notified to the delivery guy.

2. Accept/Reject Request

The delivery guy can reject or accept the request, in case the location of the user is far away or based on other factors.

3. Track Customer Location

The drivers can check the consumer location to identify the best-optimized path for making the deliveries within the stipulated period.

4. In-app Chat/In-app Calling

It enables the drivers to establish secure communication within an app for fixing the time of delivery. And to find out the correct route and destination.

5. Get Delivery Confirmation

The driver gets the confirmation of the delivery from the stores and the users.

Grocery App - Admin Panel


1. Dashboard

The dashboard acts as a one-stop solution for the admin, where they can manage & track all activities.

2. Assign Managers:

Admin is responsible for adding the managers in the workplace for delivering excelled consumer experience.

3. Assign Order

 It allows the admin to assign new orders to the grocery stores and ensures their seamless execution.

4. Manage Customers

The admin can manage all the customers and coordinate with them whenever required.

5. Manage Payments

Admin manages all payments transparently while setting a new milestone for the grocery businesses.

Some of the Advanced Features

1. Real-time Analytics

It refers to the data analysis as it is available to the admin. It allows them to monitor the user activity, detect fraud, helps to save cost, and boost conversion rates.

2. Push Notification

Even when the user is not using the app, the push notification sends alerts to their mobile phones. It keeps the user updated about the latest offers, discounts, products added, & all other updates.

3. Communication Channels

The in-app calling and chatting feature allow the delivery agent to communicate with the customer and store owner.

4. CRM Integration

CRM integration offers benefits to the business and centralizes, optimizes, and streamlines your communication with customers. You can now know customers, increase segmentation and customer retention.

5. GPS Tracking

It offers a personalized experience to the user. You can track the geographical location while ensuring the products are delivered to the users on time. The user and delivery agent can both track each other location. Therefore it is one of the most crucial factors.

Cost to develop a Grocery Delivery App

Telling the cost of the grocery delivery app is not an easy task and is not fixed. Talking about the cost of app development, there are several factors involved. It depends on the features, the complexity, and there are other factors involved too. 

1. Development Partner Reputation

A highly experienced and reputed mobile app development company will charge more compared to the companies with relatively lower experience. 

2. Geolocation of development team

It is another crucial factor affecting the development cost. For example, North-America developers will charge more as compared to the developers in Asia.

3. MVP or Fully Fledged App

An MVP model contains limited features, whereas the fully-fledged app has all the crucial and advanced features. Therefore developing an MVP model is comparatively cost-efficient.

4. Timeline & Team Size

An app with a short deadline will tell a higher charge than the long deadlines. Team size is another factor that matters. 

The cost to develop a grocery delivery app would be around $15,000 to $35,000 for both iOS and Android platforms with core features. However, the price may vary depending on the features you integrate.


It is the right time to enter the market of a grocery delivery mobile app. However, developing a feature-rich and flawless grocery delivery mobile app needs an experienced team of developers. And OZVID has got you covered. Contact us and get the best solutions delivered!