The pandemic had adverse business effects on different domains, and there were fewer chances of things going back to normal. The industry that faced significant challenges is education. The schools/colleges were closed to adhere to social distancing norms.

The situation forced the students and teachers to step up in the digital world. It offers limitless learning opportunities, enhances skills, and continues to move forward. With the rise in applications of Google Classroom, millions of students broke the barrier of the classroom paradigm.

The era of remote education began this way! The institution began the use of applications like Zoom, Skype, but it does not provide enough interactivity. A virtual app for the students to learn focuses on covering the lessons, assignments, attendance, grading, analyzing to make the session more engaging and interactive. Therefore, Google Classroom is the best platform that takes all these things into account.

So, if you are an entrepreneur or own an educational institution, developing a mobile application like Google Classroom seems to be a perfect solution. Let us discuss what exactly Google Classroom is and what features you must integrate to develop such an app.

What is a Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is one of the leading platforms for e-learning that offers ease to students, teachers, and parents. Google Classroom offers a seamless learning experience to students from the comfort of their homes. The platform is free to use by anyone with a Google account.

It assists teachers to create an online classroom area to manage the student required documents. Introducing the best features, it offers the best user experience. Google Classroom has around 40 million users and 30 million Chromebooks for the students, expected to rise within the years. The stats depict that Google doubled its number in the classroom during the pandemic.

Benefits of the Google Classroom App

As one of the best e-learning platforms, Google Classroom offers numerous benefits for students and teachers. Here they are:

1. Accessibility

You can access it from any device or any browser without any hindrance. The files teachers upload are stored in the classroom on Google Drive. Both teachers and students can access it anytime and anywhere.

2. Going Paperless

When the entire class finally starts to use Google Classroom, you can get rid of the paper and its consumption. All the assignments teachers upload are saved in the drive and handled online. It does not require the usage of paper and ultimately helps save money.

3. No Lost Work

Since both students and teachers are working on Google Drive, there are hardly any chances of work getting lost. Everything is automatically saved on Google Drive, and it brings more success to the students.

4. Collaborate

Google Classroom offers easy collaboration since it facilitates online discussion between teachers and students while creating group projects. 

Building a custom learning management like Google Classroom

Basic steps of developing an e-learning app.

  • A Robust Idea: Every day, there are plenty of applications built and are on the Play Store, without getting an installation. Therefore, before developing a solution, you must have a proper idea and agenda to make sense of your investment. Take time and evaluate the trends, unique features, and other app development ideas.
  • Market Research: Market research is the key for businesses to develop a successful application. It is always a great idea to analyze your competitors and develop an app that meets all their needs.
  • Testing: Once you complete all these steps, you must gather the market statistics and test whether your development idea fits your target audience's needs.
  • MVP First: No matter whether you are a reputed business owner or a startup, you may end up spending a hefty amount on app development. So, building an MVP first that integrates all the basic features is a great idea. Slowly, with the app's success, you can keep adding the advanced functionalities.

Features to integrate in your e-learning Platform 

Below, listed are the features you must have to develop a platform similar to Google classroom:

1. Video-Based Content

The best apps offer recorded lectures and videos that the teachers deliver to the students for easy understanding. It allows the students to get access and learn as per their availability. 

The apps are a turning point in the education app industry and benefit both students and teachers.

2. Customized Grading System

Educators can select a grading system and create grade categories.

3. Announcements

Teachers can announce if there is any update or announcement. These are the posts with no learning activities and remind students of the deadlines, tests, or more. The teacher schedules the announcements.

4. Virtual Discussions

Teachers can invite students for a quick virtual discussion. It keeps the student's knowledge updated and engaged.

5. Conduct Quiz and Test 

It is crucial to conduct an assessment to check the knowledge of the student. It includes a round of quizzes or a quick test. Both teachers and students can see the results. It helps analyze where the students need improvement.

6. Group creation

Group creation for different classes and batches is essential. It allows teachers to allocate the course materials and distribute them to everyone in an organized manner.

7. Social Media Integration

To offer the best user experience and maximize the benefits, you must integrate social media platform icons such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. The social media integration encourages other users to download your app.

8. Reports and progress tracking

With the automated reports, the teacher stays free from these hectic tasks. They can focus on brushing up the skills of the students. Reports also help students and parents see progress. 

9. Notifications

It is one of the most crucial features for almost every platform today. It keeps your user engaged and updated with the latest app updates, offers, and other information. In brief, it helps you to stay updated with comprehensive information. 

10. Gamification

Adding gaming elements attracts the students and brings more retention to your platform. The students get enthusiastic about the rewards, and therefore the apps become more engaging for them.

Cost to make an app like Google Classroom

Calculating the app development cost is a tough task, as several factors influence its price. But let’s make it simple for you by explaining all the factors that affect the final cost. 

Many factors impact the cost of developing an app like Google Classroom. It depends on the platform you choose for the app development, design, complex features and functionalities, API integration, and the app development company for collaboration.

1. Features: The complexity and number of Google Classroom features will impact the final cost. 

2. Platform: You have to choose between Android and iOS (one of the crucial factors affecting the cost)

3. Design: Having a user-friendly and efficient design is vital and costs you more.

4. Developer location and experience: Developers from various regions will have diverse hourly rates.


Even the pandemic is about to end, the idea of learning online continues and now will remain in trend for the years to come. Therefore, the demand for both educational and e-learning apps continues to rise.

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