While you are planning to take your business online, there might be thousands of thoughts that strike your mind. Isn't it? Which platform to choose, how to choose the right framework, defining the budget, considering the performance, and other parameters. It's just not easy to choose all of them correctly in one go. 

ReactJS gaining Power!

The most important of all these tasks is choosing the framework on which your website will work. Out of all the existing ones, ReactJS has gained more traction amongst the industry and is preferred more over other alternatives. The reason being ReactJS permits us to build a fast, scalable, and reliable frontend for web applications. And ReactJS, the latest framework, is gaining power rapidly in the IT industry.

As per a recent survey conducted by Stack Overflow, ReactJS was declared as the most loved framework from a proportion of 66.9% developers.


Its major benefits:

As with the growing demands in the industry, there are over 10,000 websites which got built over ReactJS. Most of the industry makers and business owners prefer ReactJS for getting their websites done. So, there would certainly be exciting features under ReactJS which are forcing them to make a switch to ReactJS. So, here's a list of major benefits offered by ReactJS which can help you in making unique websites!

  • Development efficiency: ReactJS permits you to divide your projects into multiple components and write a modular code. The code reuse will further help in improving the developer's productivity and efficiency.
  • Flexible and easy: As React JS has a modular structure, it becomes easy to maintain and update the code. This flexibility and scalability help in saving time and cost on a long run basis.
  • Easy to use platform: Already having knowledge about JavaScript will be more than enough, to begin with ReactJS. A little more time spent over it will make you the master of it in no time.
  • High performance:  While designing ReactJS, a focus is made on enhancing performance. The virtual DOM and server-side rendering thereby permit you to build apps with a high performance.
  • Uni-directional flow of data: The framework reduces the complexity of two-way data binding and implements one-way binding for a smoother and clear communication.
  • SEO friendly: Because of the backend rendering, projects created by React get better optimized for search engines. And due to the high performance and speed, users get a better experience.
  • Open & rich Toolset: React JS is an open source framework which is free to all. Apart from this, Flux, Redux, NodeJS, libraries make React ecosystem more wide and unique from the others.
  • Strong community: The community of React JS comprises over 1,000 independent contribute across the world. This wide reach makes the platform more reliable to the customers.
  • Easy transition:  As React Native is based upon the React platform, it becomes easy for the developers to make a shift to React Native and develop apps.

Hitting the target!

By now, you would have got a clear idea of why to choose ReactJS for your next project. Isn't it? So, if you are planning to make a switch to ReactJS, get in touch with us. We have answers to all your queries and would suggest you the perfect solutions at affordable costs.