Do you think that having a responsive and exquisite website design is all that you need to improve your visitor's experience? Indeed, yes, but partially. Without the correct content to flaunt your design, regardless of how swift and smooth your website's UI and UX experience is, it is bound to go wasted. It is very imperative to have synchronization between the design and content so that design complements the words, and gives visitors a quick idea regarding what you are conveying even without reading the content completely.

This is what a content-first design focuses on. The content-first approach would just favour your design process with significant visible improvements. Let's have a quick insight into it in detail.

What is Content First Design?

Content is the uncrowned king of your website. The content influences the users to visit your website and subscribe to your newsletter and follow you on the social media. If the content is that important, for what reason should it considered second? Consider, you wish to populate a slider. There are two ways to achieve that: One, you compose precisely thought slogans and after that design the background with suitable pictures to complement the content.

Second, you design the slider first according to the requirements and compose the content accordingly. Now, if you run an eCommerce business that sells ladies attire. Following the second approach, you thought that the pictures of ladies skirts and tops on the slider background would look great, which they definitely would. Next, it is the time to populate the content. Now, if the writer has thought of talking about 100% customer satisfaction and payment guarantee, but now, he would need to change his slogan according to the background picture as well.

This is nothing but a death of a great idea. This is exactly what happens when you follow a design-first approach rather than a content-first approach. For composing a story through design, you must know about the message you expect to communicate through the content. Your visitors will be frustrated if they find friction between your content and design. Along these lines, it bodes well to keep content on priority during the process of development.

Pros of Content-First Design

Obviously, the content-first approach accompanies a variety of advantages that would unquestionably boost the overall vision of your design. Here are a few pros for a quick look:

Improved Productivity and Higher Profit Margin: Design first web development prompts conflicts between the stories narrated on the website. In addition, it prompts conflicts between the team members as the content creator interprets the vision in one way and the designers in some other way. Rather than wasting time pursuing each other's point, you can improve productivity through collaborative working on the story of your website. If your customers are not happy with your website, you will be the ultimate sufferer by losing your margin of money.

Greater Consistency and Streamlined Content: If you consider design and content differently from each other, something tends to be lost in the union. Under such circumstances, contents are cut, the story is told with inconsistency and designs are reshuffled. However, by adopting the content- first methodology, both the content and design are synchronized to work together, as a whole. The present process followed by you may indicate to be effective and efficient. 

However, if you are not building the websites around the content, then you may have to be confronted with unexpected timeline and scopes, which is ruled out by the content-first approach.

Higher Quality Content: With the selection of content-first design, you need not approach your writer for cutting down lines as it would overflow the already approved design. This further implies your writer won't have to chop down his/her creativity.

Cons of Content-First Design

Yet, as it is said, everything comes with its own particular pros and cons. Let’s have a quick look at a few cons that this approach might have:

Restructuring Process: Changing from design-first to content-first web development could mean a bigger change in an already triggered off project. This will influence time and money for restructuring. It will also influence the team members who are to be retrained.

Additional Cost: If you do not have writers, this might be an additional overhead, however, in the end, it is worth it.


Over to you

Obviously, the content first approach offers flawless benefits over design-first approach. A few things are best accomplished when done in a specific order, and website development is no exception. It is in this manner profoundly prescribed to build up the content-first before designing the layout of the website and see the wonders happening. Also, hiring a professional web designing company having practical experience in building websites with logical designs automatically attract the target customers.

OZVID Technologies, being a well experienced and highly skilled web design company, has a huge number of businesses banking on them for their affordable web design requirements. Their content-first designed websites are filled with comprehensive text, colours, images, graphics, animation, and video that can effectively address the customers.