Surfing a website over a PC and a smartphone. What would you choose out of both? It's pretty obvious that you would go for a smartphone because it is easily accessible and is with you wherever you go. Isn't it? Over the decades, people got access to the internet only through their PC's and laptops, and with the advancement in technology trends, we got access from our smartphones.

Why do we need responsive web designs?

At this point, you can get a clear idea that if you own a website and it not accessible through a smartphone, then it would be difficult to resist with the tough competition in the market. Isn't it? So, the developers made an effort to build a new technique in the web design industry- responsive web design. A concept which will build unified code for your website to make it compatible enough with all sort of devices from PC's, tablets to smartphones.

How will it benefit startup websites?

Of course, the term responsive web design is not a new term in the industry. We all are well aware of it already. Isn't it? But the point is that will responsive web design be beneficial for startup websites or not? If yes then how will it benefit? We have an answer to all your queries. So, let's get a quick overview that how responsive web design is going to benefit the startup websites.

  • Widens your customer base: More the number of devices compatible with your customers, easier will it be for the customers to reach you. This directly indicates towards a huge customer base of your website. Instead of surfing on laptops and PC, they can simply reach your website from their smartphones anywhere, anytime.
  • Reach customer expectations: If your website is mobile-friendly, it would certainly load faster and even work in areas where there is low internet speed. This is the first plus point while going for responsive web design. Second, as the responsive platform allows multiple devices to access your website, users can easily switch multiple devices and continue using your website.
  • Google-Optimized: As Google keeps on updating its algorithms and site ranking criteria, it becomes necessary to keep your website mobile-friendly. As Google gives a lower rank to mobile-unfriendly websites, it becomes essential for your website to be mobile-friendly. Lower site ranking from Google will directly indicate towards lower traffic on your website, so responsive web design lets you stay up to mark.
  • Maintenance-friendly: As responsive web design framework has fluid grids, it prepares your websites to fit for all screens, then may it be a smartwatch or a smart TV. Moreover, the CSS technology allows in adjusting the site view as per the screen it is going to be launched upon.

Looking for a responsive web design company for your website?

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