Is your website design up to date or you doubt about it? Staying updated in the industry is not at all an easy task. Every hour a new trend in introduced in the web design industry and you feel your website is up to date? You might be wrong! You may not notice the updations required in your website design, but the customer who visit endless websites every moment can easily recognize that the website needs a re-design.

Before your website gets outdated and your brand name falls, it's high time that you must get aware of the latest web design trends which are practised in the web design industry. Get a closer view and take your website stand out from the other competitors in the market.

List of Top Web Design Trends

  • Responsive Design: The way your website works on large screen PC's, it is equally important that it is even accessible on mobile phones. A majority of the people use mobiles to search websites, your website will stand nowhere if your website is not responsive. So, focusing on responsive design becomes important to receive good customer engagement.
  • Chatbots: Most of the websites these days have a small icon on their homepage to entertain customer queries immediately, known as chatbots. Using chatbots for your website will help in offering customers the right solution and fix their query instantly instead of making the customer wait for hours or even days while responding back to them.
  • Animation: Keeping your website totally static is an outdated idea and is not preferred anymore. It's time to add some movement and motion to your website with some animations. Adding good animation helps in capturing user's attention, attract him to stay longer on the website page, and help in more engagement of customers.
  • Microinteractions: Microinteraction is a technique which takes your website to the next level by adding more animations to your website. In simple words, if you drag the mouse over an area and see an animation trigger while scrolling down, these are microinteractions. This helps in presenting a more enhanced view of your website to the customers.
  • Including Social Proof: It could be possible that the startup or small businesses might not be able to define a good budget, including social proof would be the most cost-effective way out. Adding social proof helps you in convincing your customers by showing the evidence of your past successful works and present the views of those happy users.
  • Hamburger Menus: Hamburger menus are adopted by most of the reputed apps and websites to present a better view of their website. It is an easy way to present your website menu by while acquiring a small space on your website. It also enhances the customer experience as whenever they click on the hamburger menu, then only they see the whole menu list.
  • Rounder Edges: Till date, all the buttons, and windows on the websites had sharp edges which seem no more interesting in the recent times. With the advancement in technology trends, rounder edges have evolved out which present a softer and rounder edges, thereby presenting a better view of your website.
  • Tactile Design: Most of the website owners have made a smart switch to tactile design i.e. adding more shadowing and other effects to your website and making it more attractive to the customers. Adding depth to the images is a part of it which counts under the most recent trend while you design your website.
  • Unique Fonts: Using unique fonts to your website can help your website stand out of other competitors in the market. Your font choice, additional styles can take your website to the whole new level. But make sure that while you choose the fonts, the message you want to convey should be clear to the audience.
  • Asymmetry: Keeping symmetry while you choose the font and design is a good choice. But adding a little asymmetry will give a unique customer experience as this practice is still not adopted by many of the websites. You need to think out of the box and plan accordingly.
  • Bold Colors: Choosing a bold and bright color scheme for your website design would be great. This helps is presenting a distinctive and memorable experience to your users. No doubt, the websites using subtle colors look no bad, but if you wish to create a unique website, go for bold colors.

Staying Updated!

Make sure that you try to implement all these trends before the year 2019 starts! It will certainly help you in attracting the customers and turning them into permanent customers of your website. It's high time to think out of the box and take a smart action! Have any queries? Feel free to reach us at any time!