With the growing pace of technology, people believe more on visual things rather than audible messages. This makes many businesses to look forward and to adopt high-tech things that can influence their target audience in a better way.

Graphic design is a way that is crafted by using visual content. This solves the problem of communicating with the target audience. The influencing graphic designers think of innovative ideas and implement them through topography and pictures. The graphic design focuses more on the display elements in the interactive designs that offer better user experience. Presenting attractive and alluring designs varies and therefore there are different types of graphic design in which each type has their own area of specialization.

So if you are running your business and want to seek the services of graphic designing then it becomes essential to understand different types of graphic design in order to pick the right services.

Types of Graphic Designs

Visual Identity Graphic Designing: A brand is the picture of your business and therefore it is essential to create an influencing identity of your brand in order to communicate your organization personality, tone, and essence. Visual graphic designers make use of images, shapes, and color of your brand to communicate the qualities of your business. The visual graphic designers cooperate with stakeholders to create assets like logos, typography, color palettes, and image libraries. All this is helpful in representing your brand's personality.

A good and knowledgeable graphic designer possess all the general knowledge of all kind of graphic designing and must be capable to create design elements for different categories of visual media.

Marketing & Advertising Graphic Design: The basic motive of creating the graphic design is the promotion of products and services. Here the role of developing good marketing strategies come into play. Planning a strategic plan based on people wants, needs, awareness, and satisfaction will help in building better communication with the audience. The marketing and advertising graphic design are developed with the motive of promoting and influencing the product. They focus more on creating digital assets and make use of influencing content for doing marketing of your brand.

User-Interface Graphic Design: User interface (UI) design focus on interactive elements and maintain its existence on digital media like computer, tablets or smartphones. The various tools and elements included in user-interface graphic designs are drop-down menus, form fields, clickable elements, animations, etc.

A user-interface graphic design focuses on the user's experience and the design of on-screen graphic elements like buttons, menus, micro-interactions and much more.

Motion Graphic Design: Another type of graphic design that is gaining popularity these days are motion graphic designs. It makes use of different kinds of animation, audio, typography, imagery, videos etc that has to take the video content to the top position and has made it one of the best way of influencing and targetting your potential customers. The introduction of motion graphic designer has resulted in advancement and reduces the cost and efforts of promoting a brand.

Environmental Graphic Design: The best example of environmental graphic design includes strategic signage, landmarks, and visual cues. This help in building visual connection among people thus improving their overall experience. The environmental graphic design makes use of graphic, architectural, interior, landscape, and industrial design. They are proficient in reading and sketching architectural plans and focus more on creating an engaging experience with their digital interactive display.

Choose The Best

Knowing the type of graphic design will help you in choosing and picking the right kind of graphic designing services. If you are looking forward to creating a graphic design to offer better digital experience to your clients and audience then we can help you with the same. We the team of OZVID are proficient in creating different types of design, animation, logos that mark an influencing effect on the mind of your potential customer.