What does website design mean to you? Appealing website pages, impressive graphics, animations, and bright color selection. That's it? Maybe you are missing many things. In fact, Steve Jobs believes- "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."  So, website designing is a broad concept that is not only confined to graphics and animations.

Why is an impressive website design necessary?

Creating a website that can convince customers to stay on your website is not at all an easy task. Isn't it? And we all know that people hardly spend 2-3 seconds on your website to decide whether they want to proceed further or not. In other words, you get only 2 seconds to present your website and decide whether the customer will stick to you or not.

So, you need to have a pleasing website that can gain customer's attraction. And the first thing customers notice is the way you present your website, how appealing is the design of your website. The UX design of your website is quite accountable for the presentation of your website. Here are a few essential elements that can help you in building a great UX design and even enhance your customer's experience.

Essential elements of a great UX Design

1. User-Friendly Information Architecture: Information architecture(IA) is a concept of organizing, labeling, and classifying the website or app content. This technique helps in finding the right content easily on the customer's end. No matter how appealing your website is, if your customers are finding difficulty locating your services, you won't get a good response from the audience. Having a strong IA will thereby help in designing the navigational context of your services.

2. Good Interaction Design: Interaction design is directly linked with user behavior, what they expect and understanding their mindset. Having consistency in your content is the first thing for creating successful interactions with a website or app. Moreover, you need to focus on design and color consistency as well. 

3. Good Usability Design: Good usability means allowing users to effectively attain their objective with a product and this is a very crucial thing. So, whether on the user end or on the developer's end, having a good usability design is a must. So, make your design effective, efficient on the customer's end and try reaching the customer's satisfaction level.

4. Great Visual Design: Visual design is the final call in your design process which will give the look and feel to the complete structure of the website information. Visual design will shape and improve the user experience while considering the effects of photography, typography, illustrations, spaces, colors, and layout.

5. Planned User Research: User research has been a highly effective tool that supports UX designers to make better design decisions. You need to research your user requirements, reach the level of their expectations and then plan the design and content accordingly.

Over to you!

To conclude, the above 5 are not the only tips which will help you in building great user experience, but I would say if you adopt these 5, you are in the right lane. There are lots of other things which you can include in your design strategy for better customer experiences. Moreover, you must hire a trusted website design company that can cater to your business requirements and offer suitable services accordingly. Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with us!