DevOps is the Advanced Software Development method that collaborates Software Developers, Project Managers, and operations staff on a single platform. DevOps (Development and Operations) is the set of software development practices that combine the development and IT operations. It facilitates better coordination among the various departments involved in software development. The traditional approach to software development incurred many loopholes because of distributed operations. Therefore DevOps was developed to eliminate excessive development time, customer dissatisfaction and inefficient process.

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DevOps In Mobile Applications

Implementing DevOps can be a blessing for many enterprises. DevOps enhances the efficiency of the teams involved in the development and ensures quick execution. Mobile DevOps is largely considered as the capability of continuous mobile app delivery. Continuous delivery is the basic principle in the DevOps, which refers to automatically deploying the mobile app and the environment in which it works at any stage of the mobile app development cycle. DevOps works on the same principles inconsiderate to mobile or web app development. However, the challenges involved in mobile DevOps are bit different and specific.

3 Rules To Successfully Adopt Mobile DevOps

  • Continuous Planning and Integration: Continuous planning refers to enjoining the entire mobile app development project team - developers, project managers, operations team, and other stakeholders onto a single platform in order to discuss and finalize the scope of the mobile app in strategizing the launch plan. Continuous integration on the other end facilitates the process of code implementation. It ensures that the code prepared by one team works with the code delivered by the other to foster a smooth development process.
  • Continuous Testing and Monitoring: Most of the time, a mobile app is tested on simulators instead of actual devices and the testing methods used are usually manual. It is not possible to conduct manual testing for every version of the O.S of a mobile app. Given these conditions, mobile apps tend to perform well in the test environment but fail to lift their performance in the live environment. DevOps implies the continuous testing and monitoring via third-party SDKs for log, crash report, etc to find and eliminate the root of the problem.
  • Continuous Deployment and Quality: Continuous delivery is the process that ensures that every change that passes through automation tests by continuous testing is automatically deployed to the production environment. Also, developers should always be monitoring the feedbacks by the users on Play Store or App Store and enhance the features of the app accordingly. This ensures continuous improvements in the mobile app.

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Benefits of Adopting DevOps in Mobile App Development

  • Improved Mobile Apps: DevOps ensure continuous improvements in the app and resolve every issue raised by the users efficiently. Mobile DevOps facilitates instant reporting, regression testing, and transparent development process that enhances the user experience by quick troubleshooting of errors.
  • Faster Release Time: DevOps implicates the collaboration of different teams and departments involved in mobile app development that fosters an efficient information flow among the various teams. This eliminates time gaps and results in the faster code release 
  • Reduced Bottlenecks: DevOps encompasses a better development process, increases transparency, facilitates communication and helps in developing better products. It eliminates several bottlenecks like an inconsistent development process, manual testing process, poor communication, etc.

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