While making a digital presence for your business, like developing a mobile application for your business the question that will strike your mind is which platform you should choose - Android or iOS platform? Android has fast deployment whereas iOS is popular for its fascinating customer experiences.

Hybrid Native apps are an ideal blend of both these platforms that offers fast deployment and low cost.

In simple terms, it is a framework for building native apps using react and was created by Facebook. It is used to develop apps for Android, iOS, Windows by enabling the developers to react along with native platform capabilities. React Native is bridging the gap between development and user experience.

Features making it a Flexible Options for Business Solutions

React Native allows the users to use JavaScript and develop mobile applications at a much faster rate. With high efficiency and performance, the React-Native apps have redefined cross-platform app development. Not only it allows you to run the application on different platforms but also saves the time and effort of the developer, as they don’t have to write different codes for different platforms. 

Here are some elaborated features that make the React-Native a flexible option for your businesses:

1. Easy and Appealing to Learn

As it relies on the fundamentals making it a comfortable learning curve for the developers. Using JavaScript as a core language and with similar UI tags like HTML, it helps in saving the development time. There are various learning tools and components such as maps and filters as well.

2. Provides Instant Changes with Fast Refresh

While developing an application, developers need to carefully review and wait for the updates. This is a tedious task. There is a feature in React Native called fast refresh that allows you to change the react component instantly. When you enable the option of fast refresh you can review the changes

3. Popularity is Increasing Constantly

With its increasing popularity and different active communities, it is now one of the strongest cross-platform for mobile app development. Launched in 2015 by Facebook, its popularity was continuously increased by the developers and different communities.

4. Awesome UI and code reusability

With a similar UI to JavaScript and offering fine-tuning which makes its UI even better. The UI is highly responsive reducing the load time providing a seamless experience. Most of its code have reusable components for both iOS and Android platform.

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Benefits of React Native Apps

The use of the React-Native by Facebook, Instagram is the topmost example of choosing it for your development services. Here are a few reasons that will make you choose to React Native for your app development:

1. Works for both iOS and Android

Whether you are looking forward to developing apps for iOS or Android platforms, there is no hassle of developing the apps differently as for the React-Native you can use the same code for different operating systems. This has increased its demand and more developers prefer to develop apps in the hybrid platform.

This way businesses both the apps in simply half of the cost of one version. Also, the maintenance is carried out on both apps at the same time which saves both time and money for the developers.

2. Performs Just Like The Native App

With great and seamless functioning, the apps work just like the native apps, as if it was developed in the same platform both for Android and iOS. React Native apps takes the advantage of Graphical Processing Unit making is far better than other hybrid technologies.

3. Compatible with third-party plugins

This is the most important benefit React Native mobile development offers. Developers had to suffer as while using frameworks they are not allowed to use third-party plugins. But it allows the developers to use third-party plugins proving to be a boon for them.

React Native has turned out to be a flexible platform with many customization options for the developers.

4. Moveable to Other Frameworks

One must think of the future, if you desire to move your application to the other framework you don’t need to start again. You can export apps from React Native and move to other platforms to continue. This shows how flexible the platform is to use.


As it provides plenty of benefits for the developers and users, companies are making a smart choice by choosing this platform for app development. From health to e-commerce you can build an app on the React-Native platform.

It is believed that React Native would be the future of the digital world. Are you looking forward to growing your business with Best Web Development Services Company? If yes, connect with us today!