Have you ever given a thought that how difficult it would be to design an app icon while conveying your brand into it? Or how would a perfect app icon alike? If you think that you need to give your 100% on building your app and put make no efforts on designing a unique app icon, then this would be your biggest mistake! The app icon you decide will represent your brand name and will be the only way to attract the customer attention.

Why do we need to focus on app icons?

Remember, the icon you choose for your app is going to act as a visual anchor of your app and products, so you simply can't deny the fact of focusing on the app icon. The app icon you decide will not only gain customer attention but will become the direct source to convey the services your app is offering. However, designing a perfect app icon for your app is just not a difficult task if you get through this blog. Here is a list of most beneficial tips to adopt while getting your app icon designed!

How to design better App icons:

  • Scalability: Just because your app will be displayed on numerous platforms of various sizes, maintaining the scalability becomes considerable. While you get it designed, make sure that it looks good in multiple contexts & sizes, also on App Store, Setting panel, or other devices too.  
  • Uniqueness: You have tried out something new in the market, so its obvious that your app icon looks unique out of others. Isn't it? Do make a research of other competitors and get an idea of their app icon but when you get it done make a different approach as compared to them. Unique will be your app icon, easy will be the customers attracted towards your brand.
  • Simpler icons: Decide a particular thing which will convey your brand name directly and in simple terms. Making your app icon look more congested, complex, and with multiple things will not be a good idea. Keep it simple and use a simple object to represent your app or product.
  • Size of the icon: Forget about testing your app only on full-screen previews. Rather your app icon will be displayed on a number of platforms and panels. So, it becomes essential to view your app icon on multiple sizes like how will it look in the App Store, in the Settings panel, or on other devices.
  • Platform-specific: Each operating system has its own specific principles and if followed accordingly, it represents a better quality of your app. If chosen wrong, it will make the customers unhappy. So, design your app icon specifically according to the platform your app is based upon.
  • Backgrounds: Sticking around only one particular background and finalizing will not make your app icon stand unique. Try multiple color contrasts and backgrounds while designing the app icon. The one which suits more and seems suitable, get it done, otherwise work upon it.
  • Don't use words: To make your app icon more clear and catchy, avoid using words or images in your app icon. Definitely, a word would seem irrelevant in an app icon, instead use some object or an alphabet which can convey your app instead of adding words to it.

How to find a suitable vendor to get your app icon designed?

No doubt, you’ll find a number of vendors that will assure you unique app icon designs. But choosing the perfect one will require a brief background research about the vendor, its previous works, and clients reviews too. OZVID Technologies is one such vendor which holds years of experience in this field. Hire an app icon designer from us or reach us to get more details.