Every day, we all are surrounded by so many software open in our laptops or computers, dozens of applications in our cell-phones, right? Of course, the software has become a vital and integral part of our life. And, we can't deny it. However, as it is also very important to test and get the quality assurance of the software. But, what does the term 'Software Quality Assurance' (SQA) means? It is a way of checking errors and defects in invented software products and withdrawing problems when delivering those software services to customers. 

Also, by definition, it is a part of quality command directed on assuring that quality conditions will be fulfilled anyhow. It is all about getting assured that software operates the way it is deemed to work all the time. It’s under an auspices term that connects to many different techniques and processes for ensuring quality and testing software. When it comes to delivering great and productive software, start your friendship with quality assurance. 

Software Quality Assurance Plan 

Now, take a look at the software quality assurance plan and get a complete picture. The software quality assurance plan includes the methods, procedures, and means that are used to get assured that a software product follows with the terms and conditions defined from the software requirement specification. 

The SQA plan focuses on the below mentioned areas:

Design and planning section

  1. Source section
  2. Software arrangement control section
  3. Query reporting and improving action section
  4. Tools, technologies and approaches section
  5. Code powered and control section
  6. Collection, support and maintenance section
  7. Testing methodologies section 

The above-mentioned sections are the core and focused areas of software quality assurance. The software that is being delivered to the clients finally get the quality assurance credit after going through all these sections. 

Difference Between Quality Assurance And Software Testing

People sometimes get confused about software testing and software quality assurance. Now, let's get a clear-cut difference between the two:

Software Quality Assurance- 

  • It is about an engineering process that ensures the quality of the produced software. 
  • It comprises activities such as the implementation of methodologies, procedures, and measures. Let's take an instance of audit training.
  • The quality assurance operates as a process-focused one.  
  • It is a preventive technique
  • It is a proactive measure
  • Its scope is focused on the products created by the organization. 

Software Testing- 

  • This process is to test a software product for difficulties and errors before it goes to an active state. 
  • It comprises activities that are focused on the verification of the product. Let's take an example of review training. 
  • Software testing operates as a product-focused one.  
  • It is a corrective technique
  • It is a reactive measure
  • Its scope is focused and applies to a specific product that is tested.

Major Benefits of SQA 

Now, let's know why software quality assurance has become an integral part of the technology industry: 

It saves money

What if your clients come and report about your product as the faulty one? And further, it will cost both the clients and you. Therefore, the QA testing ensures the quality and saves your time, energy and money after deploy. 

It builds the client's confidence

By employing QA testing, you are sending a message to your clients about delivering a successful software product. This builds the client's confidence and robust long-term relationships. 

Maintains excellent user-experience

User experience decides the success and failure of the product! Hence, quality assurance testing ensures the creators that the user will have a great experience, which will innately result in a great software product. 

Boosts in more profit-making

You are already creating software products and marketing them at good rates. But when you are including QA testing in the process of developing software products, then you can market them at high rates. The client will automatically pay you better when they will experience better. 

It promotes productivity and efficiency

No one wants the chaos of software full of errors! But, at the time, when you invite QA testing right from the beginning of the software development, you will be more near to high productivity and efficiency. Its all tested aspects will win your client's satisfaction and expectations. 

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While all the software development companies are adopting quality assurance testing, they are also inviting good marketing sales and name in the industry. The summation fact, in the end, says that it has become too vital for all the software developers to go for quality assurance testing or software testing. The experts of QA testing understand and know the combination of tests that are required to test and ensure the highest quality plus the long-term functionality of the software. If you are looking for such quality assurance services, then OZVID is an ideal option for you. Get in touch with us and improve your software development processes!