As the technology sector is moving faster, automation is becoming a key to scaling up operations while saving your precious time and money. More tools are now flooding the market, and it becomes difficult to find the best.

However, in the software development world, automation testing tools have a lot of significance in offering the best products with quality and speed. 

The ultimate goal is to ensure high-quality products, and if the testing is not in place, you might end up not delivering quality products!

Automation Testing is vital that enables the successful adoption of agile and DevOps. However, choosing the right automation testing tools is essential that deliver the exact solutions. As more tools are available in the market, it creates confusion among the companies. The blog breaks the news and helps you select the right automation testing tools as per your business requirements!

Manual vs Automation Testing

Manual testing, as the name says, is a process of testing the product manually. The QA analyst executes the test one by one and finds the errors/bugs before your application goes live. From test creation to actual test execution, it requires an analyst throughout the testing. 

Automation testing is the process where the testers use tools and scripts for automating the testing and the efforts. The testers here can execute more test cases while improving the test coverage. Automation testing is efficient and more reliable as it uses tools for testing.

The difference lies in the test case execution. In Manual Testing, a tester performs it manually whereas, the automation testing tools perform it. Manual Testing can be slow and tedious, whereas automation testing is fast and more reliable.

Metrics to consider for selecting automation testing tools

There are plenty of testing tools available to use. However, choosing the right one depends on several metrics. Here are the most significant parameters.

1. Platform Compatibility

You must select a tool compatible with all the platforms that work well in every environment. It requires a lot of research work before selecting one because some tools only support Java and .NET applications. 

2. Versatility

Your testing tool should be versatile enough to support all kinds of automated testing, including load testing, unit testing, functional testing, and more. It should help you perform all the tests as per your needs. 

3. Ease of Test Creation

Automation testing must offer alternate ways to perform a single task. If your tool supports scripting to generate automated test scripts, it would be difficult for non-experienced candidates to perform the testing. Ensure your tool meets all kinds of scenarios and suits your need.

4. Price

Price is one of the most important aspects when you plan to invest in anything. Therefore, it is vital to check whether the tool is worth the price and has all the essential features at the market price. Also, check for the additional cost when you require an add-on or an upgrade!

Top Automation Testing tools in 2022

Here are some proven testing tools with the best features you can choose from in 2022.

1. Selenium

Selenium is a testing tool that is available on the web. Selenium is one of the top web automation testing tools and can be executed in different browsers and operating systems. It supports different programming languages and even helps build complex and most advanced automation scripts.

2. Appium

Appium offers native app automation testing intended for mobile applications. It is an open-source tool and backs the automation of native, hybrid, and mobile web applications for Android and iOS. It is built on server architecture and uses frameworks provided by vendors. Appium is easy to set up and use!

It is among the best automation framework and has seen exponential growth and usage in recent years. 

3. Katalon Studio

Katalon supports both mobile and web app development. It is a software system created with a specific IDE interface for mobile, API, app testing, and more. Katalon studio works on top of Appium and Selenium and simplifies the testing. The features such as record, playback, in-built templates, and custom keywords make it unique. It offers private plugins, that act as a cherry on top. 

4. HPE Unified Function Testing

It is another most liked testing tool, formerly known as QuickTest Professional. It is the best cross-platform automation tool that provides excellent automation testing solutions while making it simple and cost-effective. Whether it is Java, Web, Mobile, or other applications, the tool is capable of automating all. 

5. Cucumber

Cucumber is an open-source Behavior-driven development tool that captures the attention of clients. PayPal and Canon are among the popular users of Cucumber. Code execution on different frameworks, writing test code, and more are some of the outstanding features cucumber offers. Cucumber support several languages like Ruby, Scala, Java, and more.

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Automation testing tools are crucial in today’s fast pace and digital world. Everyone looks out for error and bug-free solutions. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other automation testing tools available. But the choice depends on your business and the requirements!

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