Whenever you go to a store to buy a new product, you simply pick up that product or do a little research? Obviously, we take time and then finalize the decision. And when it's your app or website going to be launched, you simply can’t let it go without a proper testing and verification done thoroughly. Every company gathers its team to carry out testing, but still delivers its customers a product which still holds errors and bugs. Want to know the reason behind it?

Why Automation Testing?

The testing team of every organization spends hours and days while testing the products with a huge staff engagement. They analyze the things, detect the bugs and report them. Once the product undergoes some another change, new bugs are found which get unnoticed by the testing team. And till the time the product reaches the customer, it gets full of bugs. This is the major outcome of carrying out manual testing.

Automation testing eliminates all this hassle and carries out the testing process on a regular basis, keeping a check on a 24/7 basis. The tools in automation testing will carry out the testing process, compare the outcomes with the expected ones, and report the possible bugs to be fixed. In the future, the testing can be repeated easily. This is the reason that most of the reputed organizations prefer automation testing for their projects. Here's a list of other benefits automation testing will offer you and will force you to make a switch to automation testing.

Its major benefits:

  • Saves time & money: Once the code of your project changes or gets modified as per the customer requirements, testing needs to be carried out all over again. And carrying out the testing process manually would directly mean a wastage of time, cost, and an engagement of staff. So, going for automated testing would save a lot of time, cost, and labor of your organization.
  • Increases your test coverage: Automated testing directly enhances the software quality and offers you effective results. Carrying out testing of lengthy codes would demand a huge time if done manually, but automated testing carries out the same testing in no time. Thus, carrying out complex testing and presenting you effective outputs.
  • Improved accuracy: Regardless of carrying out testing manually with a huge engagement will not always give you accurate results. There are always chances of committing mistakes or missing up some fields while testing. Automation testing carries out the whole testing process thoroughly and precisely to present you desired outcomes accurately.
  • Helps developers & testers: Before the developers send their code to the QA team for testing, they can benefit from the automation testing and analyze the outcomes in advance. Figuring out the possible errors and other shortcomings will save the developers time and help in building confidence for future projects as well.
  • ROI: Getting away from the time spent on coding, then performing manual testing, making modifications, and again undergoing several manual tests would be a huge wastage of money, resources, and would demand a huge staff engagement. Isn't it? Automation testing overcomes all of them in one go and helps in an increased ROI for better growth of the organization.
  • 24/7 monitoring: Regardless of your location and busy schedules, you can easily carry out automated testing while staying at any corner of the world. This would save a huge time and offer you 24/7 testing services on your projects. You can start the testing at one time and leave. Reach the next day and analyze the results easily.
  • Less staff engagement: Carrying out testing of long source codes for a number of projects would demand a huge staff engagement if carried out manually. Isn't it? Switching to automated testing would let you eliminate all this hassle and carry out the same testing accurately with almost no engagement of your employees.

Looking for a suitable vendor!

This is just not all automation testing offers you! There's a lot more which is covered under it. But choosing the right vendor is the major decision you have to make with a smart thought. OZVID is one such platform which offers you reliable and genuine automation testing solutions which are perfectly designed as per your requirements. For more details and queries, get in touch with us and experience the benefits!